You don’t have to jeopardize quality for quick.

Grit and determination drive our culture and attitude. These are the qualities that push us to get high-performance assemblies delivered on time, every day.

Regular Communication

Ongoing, transparent communication is a critical element in providing ultimate quality and accurate delivery. From first contact, through planning stages, to product delivery, we listen carefully to our customers and keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Inventory Automation

ADCO’s competitive advantage is our inventory system and automation. While most assemblers still use traditional box and shelf systems to store parts, our fully automated inventory system provides nearly perfect inventory data and levels. Customers see the difference.

Our pristine, state-of-the-art automated warehouse technology features:

  • 7 automated vertical storage systems for expanded inventory
  • IMS barcode scanning to maximize accuracy and speed
  • robotic dispenser systems to maintain high levels of precision and consistency
  • innovative vertical storage systems retrieve items in seconds

Robust Planning Systems

We offer rapid launch and on-time delivery! ADCO Circuits has best-in-class systems that minimize uncertainty. ADCO’s inventory and planning systems — with built-in capacity planning — are fully integrated with suppliers.

  • Advanced ERP system (Epicor)
  • Auto replenishment with key suppliers
  • Automated warehouse with barcode and vertical storage
  • Finite capacity planning
  • Demand is driven by Kanban, firm release order, and forecast per contract
  • In-plant online assembly instructions
  • Lot tracking and control
  • Counterfeit controls enhanced with Government Industry Exchange Program (GIDEP) Membership

Supply Chain Relationships

ADCO collaborates with supply partners across the globe to solve problems and find innovative solutions that improve product performance in the field. As a result of these relationships, we have the largest availability of parts from top suppliers, and our inventory and planning systems are fully integrated with our suppliers.