ADCO Circuits advances complex technologies with ongoing capital investments

Rochester Hills, MI (September 23, 2020) Today’s aerospace, defense, medical device and space industries demand higher quality, more complex technology than ever before. To meet this demand, ADCO Circuits continually advances its technology roadmap with investments in processes, equipment and people to sustain a forward-thinking culture of innovation.

In one recent example, ADCO’s engineering team boosted its New Product Introduction (NPI) process with an investment in robotic adhesive application for a controller’s metal enclosure. In collaboration with suppliers, Fisnar and PVA, ADCO deployed robots to mix and apply compounds for multiple assemblies, resulting in a more consistent material deposition. This ensures that customers receive a higher quality product via a repeatable and consistent volume of material placed in the correct location(s) while increasing throughput and production rates.

ADCO is adapting existing technology for use in groundbreaking new ways. ADCO has converted the best solder paste inspection (SPI) machines on the market for use in an industry-leading process of through-hole solder inspection (THT). Engineers partnered with Koh Young to convert its SPI technology to automated THT by employing the existing camera system and implementing new algorithms. The conversion gives ADCO a better, more efficient method to inspect large numbers of through-hole solder joints. Manufacturers have traditionally hesitated to employ this process because of concerns about longer programming times and high false call rates. ADCO overcame these challenges by using existing mechanical, optical and software design alternatives in the SPI which are unavailable in other conventional through-hole inspection systems.

The ADCO leadership team continues to infuse capital into its own technology and processes in order to maintain its commitment to superior quality and quick and repetitive executions. ADCO takes pride in its 53,000 sq. ft. environmentally controlled facility with state-of-the-art materials, documentation and production planning systems. ADCO’s exceptionally clean production environment houses six automated vertical storage units that span 18.5 feet high and create enormous material handling and data management efficiencies. In addition to the storage systems, there are automated reel counters that support real-time WIP inventory counts and bar code labeling. These features add up to a fully automated warehouse that ensures the highest level of inventory accuracy, which supports the lean manufacturing processes and high on-time delivery. The facility contains a large inventory of bench test equipment, functional testers, environmental chambers and a new HP3070 in-circuit tester which allows engineers to thoroughly test at the component level, ensuring that circuits are functioning optimally.

ADCO’s most critical investment, however, is in human capital. Marc Damman, Vice President of Sales, notes, “While top-tier technology ensures consistently high product performance, our biggest priority investments have always been in the ADCO Circuits team. For example, our in-house IPC Class 3 certified trainer works with employees to teach them industry standards of assembly, soldering, and inspection processes while adhering to proven ADCO protocols that safeguard quality and reduce product risk.” With an excellent benefits package, competitive salaries and a strong company culture that centers around the innovative, hard-working people of Detroit, ADCO’s team is loyal, experienced and well positioned to meet the complex technological challenges of today’s most demanding industries.