ADCO Circuits protects complex technologies in an often-overlooked process

Electronic engineering team design custom packaging for client’s receiving and production efficiencies.

Rochester Hills, MI (November 09, 2020) The high-performance electronics assemblers at ADCO Circuits play an essential role in helping mission-critical industries bring their products to life. They understand that every step of the innovation process is crucial, even one that is easily and often overlooked: packaging and shipping logistics. By addressing this last and vital detail of its customers’ order fulfillment, ADCO ensures that even the most complex technological components are shipped securely and arrive safely.

Although safe transport is the primary goal in package design, ADCO also considers the customer experience. How a shipment is packaged can have an enormous impact on convenience and efficiency for the next user. A customer who neglects to think ahead about whether an order should be delivered shipped in bags or cells may wind up investing valuable employee time unwrapping thousands of individually wrapped bags and creating a mini-landfill. ADCO works closely with its customers to design packaging that maximizes efficiency downstream and minimizes environmental impact.

ADCO VP of Sales, Marc Damman, notes, “We pay attention to even the smallest things. Sometimes packaging can be like a Jenga game. If a customer has a module with an unusual shape, we collaborate with them to create custom packaging that keeps each module secure, then we figure out how to box them to maximize space and efficiency on their end. It’s the kind of thing no one really talks about, but it’s so important.”

ADCO routinely uses approximately half a dozen standard box sizes with fitted, semi-customizable partitions. Assemblies are placed in anti-static bags and inserted into each slot, using additional padding as needed. However, some orders are more challenging than others. Very small or very large modules require innovative thinking. Because ADCO works with industries that are both low and high volume, the components they ship range in dollar value as well as critical value as the quantities decrease (a few high value assemblies are much more “critical” than higher volume product). ADCO’s input to customer specified packaging helps ensure that no matter the situation, the packaging will fit the bill and protect the goods.

ADCO encourages technology businesses to give some thought to packaging, labeling and shipping logistics. It may be the last stage of production that people think about, but neglecting this step could put valuable investments at risk.