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Each day we depend on electronics to keep us alive, to keep us safe and to get us where we need to go. These technologies rely on highly complex electronic assemblies. When dependability is your only option, how you build it matters.

ADCO circuits delivers the ultimate and high performance electronic assemblies. From our state of the art manufacturing facility in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Our experienced team manufactures PCBAs and system level box builds that range from prototype to volume production. With more than 40 years of successful delivery, ADCO has built customer centered culture of innovation and excellence.

At ADCO circuits, we understand it’s not just what build, but how you build that matters. Our experience, our facility, and our team all come together to provide the ultimate quality and delivery on every single assembly. This commitment to quality starts with our systems and processes. Our robust planning systems with built-in capacity planning ensure rapid launch and on time delivery. ADCO vertical inventory systems are fully integrated with suppliers to save time and effort. Smart frontend engineering reduces risk on even the most complex assemblies. From design to delivery our customers engage directly with our senior engineering team. Our continuous commitment to capital investment and equipment and automation ensures optimal efficiency and consistency and keeps us at the forefront of innovation.

ADCOs precision culture is unmatched. We’re experts in assembling complex designs. Our people and our plant operate at peak efficiency with an in-house IPC certified trainer 5s methodology and electronic documentation terminals at every work station. Customers win with ADCOs continuous investment of people, processes, and equipment. Our ongoing training exceeds IPC standards and keeps our people up to date on industry practices and improving protocols.

Above all ADCO is customer integrated that means we are with you every step of the way from planning through delivery. From assemblers to our program managers to our department owners  we are honest, transparent, and we deliver excellence with every order.

Because how you build it matters.

The ADCO difference means ultimate quality, on time delivery, and a culture of precision and accuracy that translates to the very best high performance assemblies for the products that keep us healthy, safe, and up and running. At ADCO circuits our people don’t rest until it’s right. Of course that means a commitment to quality but it’s also a commitment to honesty, reliability, perseverance and service.

Because how you build it matters