Reduce Sourcing Costs

March 29, 2019 by Web Admin

How to Decrease Sourcing Costs in a Manufacturing Environment

Sourcing costs can represent a substantial percentage of a manufacturing organization’s outflows. Cost reduction is imperative in the current tough economic environment. Here are 5 steps to reduce sourcing costs: 1.     Analyze Design and Specifications Specifications are details of user needs. This information is not systematically analyzed in many cases. Many users often outline specifications…

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Advanced Linear Devices

March 5, 2019 by Web Admin

Advanced Linear Devices Releases a New Device for Balancing Supercapacitor

The use of multiple supercapacitor cell modules has increased in recent years to meet the needs of storing higher voltage systems. A number of industrial systems today require high-current energy storage that necessitates the use of multiple supercapacitor cells.  Safe balancing of voltage is necessary to ensure the extended life of the staked supercapacitors. A…

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