Automotive Circuit Assemblies

June 6, 2018 by Aqaba SEO

Automotive Circuit Board Assembly and Testing

The automotive industry is constantly striving for maximum safety and quality, which is quite understandable, give the fact that driver and pedestrian lives are at stake wherever vehicles are operating. That makes it imperative that every single component going into modern automobile be built and tested to the very highest of standards. With these kind of exacting requirements, the circuit board assemblies for the vehicle electronic systems are doubly critical, and must be perfect in their manufacture and testing so they will perform flawlessly in the field.

Increasing Need for Electronics

Over the last two decades, the automotive industry has undergone a comprehensive transformation, and some of it has nothing to do with the styles, colors, or shapes of new vehicles. Many of the functions which govern a vehicles operation have been gradually shifted over the from mechanical operation to electronic functionality. This transformation in recent years has accelerated even more as we move closer and closer to self-driving vehicles. As you might guess, as the electronic content in automobiles increase their reliability must also increase as they become more critical.

Suppliers of Electronics to the Auto Industry

It takes a lot more than just good electronic design to supply reliable complex electronic assemblies to the automotive industry, and the formula has to include every phase of the business, including solid financial foundation, engineering, and advanced warehousing. Successful pre-production launches validate that the many facets of manufacturing and planning was adequate.

Yes, that’s a lot. In fact, it’s more than most companies can manage, and that’s why there aren’t a lot of mid-size companies that can successfully supply high-tech circuit board assemblies for the automotive industry. IATF-16949 certified ADCO Circuits, of Rochester Hills, MI, is one of the few mid-size companies who have successfully built the needed infrastructure and processes required to repetitively produce the kind of high quality product demanded by the ever-increasing electronic content found in modern vehicles. They have achieved this by having a thorough understanding of the needs of the auto industry via their 35+ years servicing it.

Future Needs

In the future, the needs of the auto industry are likely to be even more demanding than they currently are, and if you think about what would be needed for self-driving vehicles, it’s easy to understand why quality standards will become even tougher. As that time grows closer, the elite companies which will build and test the complex circuitry needed for vehicles of the future will not have to completely revamp or take on a new production model. They’ll just have to subtly improve those processes, so that a defect rate of 1 PPM drops even lower to a zero defect level – but they will already have the personnel, equipment, and the processes in place to pull it off.