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5 Things to Look for in an Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Has your business used an electronic manufacturing service in the past, but were not pleased with the way your project was handled- and therefore are now looking to find another electronic contract manufacturing provider?

Or perhaps this is your first-time search for a company to provide these services, and you are not sure what to look for?


Either way, finding and hiring an electronic contract manufacturing company to handle your company’s need for electronic manufacturing services can be a challenge.


There are a plethora of companies out there, providing everything from the most basic products and services to full electronic design and manufacturing services.


So what do you look for in an electronic contract manufacturing company? We suggest these 5 characteristics are invaluable:


  1. Design Capabilities – it is critically important that your outsource partner has the talent to assist you in the design process. An experienced electronic contract manufacturing company should be able to work hand-in-hand with your design team, or if you don’t have design capabilities, to provide a full scope of design services to you.
  2. Industry Experience – it is also critically important that your electronic contract manufacturing company have an extensive history in the electronics industry. Experience within your sector within the electronics industry is equally valuable.
  3. Industry Compliance and Quality – the contract manufacturing company you work with must adhere to the most current industry standards. It is important to ask any company that provides electronic manufacturing services about their industry certifications. Certifications such as ISO 9001, TS 16949 and AS 9100 indicate a strong evidence of industry compliance that results in high-quality work.
  4. Advanced Technologies and Equipment – ask your potential provider what types of equipment, machinery, and technologies they have to handle your project. If their equipment and machinery are outdated – it’s likely they are as well.
  5. Post-Production Support – it’s important that your electronic manufacturing contractor provides comprehensive post-production support, including delivery of the products and troubleshooting any real or potential problems that might arise.


There are additional characteristics that are important to determine, but these 5 are a good starting point.


Before hiring an electronic contract manufacturing company, the most important thing is that you have confidence that they will deliver a fully- conforming, high- quality product that meets exact design specifications.

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