December 9, 2016 by webadmin

Are You in Need of Electronic Manufacturing Services in 2017?

As you look ahead to 2017, is your business in need of a company that provides electronic manufacturing services?  

Or perhaps you’ve been using an electronic manufacturing service, but are not pleased with the process, the results and/or the products you’ve received from them?  Perhaps they lack the industry experience or the design capabilities that you need, and you’re looking to make a change.

Companies that specialize in providing electronic manufacturing services can vary in terms of their degree of proficiency and expertise. There are some characteristics of a highly proficient electronic manufacturing service that can separate it from the pack.   Industry experience is one such factor. Working with a company that has an extensive history in the electronics industry can translate into better service and a better final product.

Having the right certification that demonstrates industry compliance is also an important characteristic to look for. A company who excels in providing electronic manufacturing services will hold multiple certifications, such as ISO 9001, TS 16949, and AS9100 certification. Having certification from an outside organization that holds the company to a high standard of quality, in terms of industry processes and products, is one way to ensure that the company is strong.

Another important characteristic to look for when utilizing an electronics manufacturing service is their design capabilities. A better provider should be able to help you through the entire design process, from start to finish, providing insights along the way that enhance the finished design and ultimately, the final product.

A company that provides exceptional electronic manufacturing services will also have a full compliment of testing and environmental stress screening services. Conformity of your product to the exact specs that you need is critical, so the company must have a way to verify conformity and in some cases, to test the product under varying environmental stresses.

Talking to your current electronic manufacturing company (or to a prospective one) and asking them about their proficiency in terms of industry experience, industry compliance, design capabilities and testing services is a great place to start. Obviously, if your project will require other additional capabilities, inquire about these as well. The important thing is that you have confidence that your electronic manufacturing service will deliver a fully- conforming, high- quality product that meets exact design specifications.

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