April 6, 2017 by webadmin

Electronic Manufacturing Services for Businesses Like Yours Pt. 2

A major component of ADCO’s electronic manufacturing services is their rapid prototyping process.  Rapid prototyping is an integral part of the development phase, allowing circuit board developers to test their ideas and to make changes quickly. Since getting new ideas and products to market in the shortest possible time is an absolute necessity, rapid prototyping done correctly fully supports this goal.


The development phase is hindered significantly, however, if the prototyping process takes too long to produce the prototype; in other words, it’s important to not lose the ‘rapid’ in rapid prototyping.


If your business has new circuit board designs, ADCO’s internal prototyping team will deliver rapid prototype circuit board assemblies to you within 5 business days of material availability. They can assemble your prototype with your parts and boards or they will provide a total turnkey solution for their customers.


Additionally, your circuit board assemblies will be manufactured using ADCO’s high-speed automated lines, so you know that your prototypes will meet IPC-610 Class II or III requirements.


It is also important to note that ADCO can manage even the most diverse and complicated circuit board designs through their rapid prototyping service. Since their CAD software systems do all of the real design work in rapid time, more emphasis can be placed on the testing and modification phase to achieve the desired results.


The result is you get the prototype circuit board assembly that your company needs, to allow quick advances in your project development. ADCO also offers full design and new product introduction services to compliment your in-house design engineering staff.


Talk to ADCO Circuits about your rapid prototyping needs and your next electronic manufacturing project. ADCO partners with numerous companies in need of electronic manufacturing services, providing value and expertise from almost 4 decades of experience.


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