February 13, 2018 by webadmin

Electronic Product Design Through the Stages

Electronic Product Design

There’s a lot more that goes into electronic product design than you might think, and each of the steps involved is critical to eventual success. When businesses need a new customized product, they generally turn to a company which has a proven track record of following these painstaking steps to success, so they can rely on the quality of the resulting new product. Below is a capsule glimpse into the process of electronic product design, and how the best companies approach it.

The Concept Stage

At this stage, an idea for a new product is defined, and all necessary research is conducted to be sure there’s a market for it, and that a cost-effective manufacturing approach can be adopted. The technology, the components, the build methods, and the parts suppliers will all be defined during this phase of development. A cost feasability study will be conducted and all appropriate agency requirements will be identified as well, so that the output from this phase can be a detailed design specification that is financially viable, in compliance with regulatory requirements, and which satisfies functional needs.

Design of Circuitry

At this point it should be possible to create a schematic diagram of the new product using computer drafting software, and to prepare a preliminary parts list. A printed circuit board will be designed and developed, with all packaging, connectors, displays, and controls detailed, and a trial circuit board will be generated as output from this phase.

Prototyping and Review

The new product will be assembled, sometimes by hand, as a proof-of-concept model, and is evaluated for functionality, appearance, cost, and for potential modifications. The new product will be tested for functionality, compliance, and quality, and when changes are necessary, these are identified and implemented.


Once a new product design is considered complete, documentation can be created for the parts list, circuitry diagrams, build process, artwork, drawings, and all other necessary deliverables. This package must be so complete that any competent manufacturer could reproduce the new product with no prior exposure to the product design and development.

New Product Introduction

This is a very important part of the new product development process, considered crucial by many electronic product design companies such as ADCO Circuits, who wish to verify that the design produced is exactly what was needed by the requester, and that it meets all specifications. This phase calls for the designer to track the product through its first build in the manufacturing setting, so that every operation performed in each build step can be reviewed and matched against a checklist for process adherence and for quality.

With this kind of strict adherence to lessons learned from decades of successful product introductions, a company like ADCO Circuits can confidently stand behind every electronic product design provided to its customers.