May 5, 2015 by webadmin

Selective Soldering for Electronic Assemblies

Constantly evolving electronic packaging technologies demand that contract electronic manufacturing companies monitor the equipment marketplace for meeting new challenges.  Recently, our team of process engineers at ADCO Circuits evaluated and purchased a second Ersaselective soldering machine.

In order to deliver the most cost effective solution for mixed technology assemblies with significant amounts of throughhole devices we needed to develop shorter process times without compromising quality.  Our team determined that the “old way “was not the answer.  More people hand soldering and /or wavesoldering with selective pallets was going to overwhelm our capacity and undermine our quality.

Since we already had a Versa Ecoselect 2 machine it enabled us to benchmark its performance and develop cost models for anticipated throughput on a new Versaflow 3/45 machine.  We knew what the soldering time would be because of our experience with the solder nozzle.  With the Ersamodular approach to machine design our engineers specified a configuration that would meet our capacity goals and keep us on budget.

Ultimately, we may be able to enhance the flexibility of the Versaflow 3/45 machine by adding additional modules that can entirely eliminate the need for a wavesoldering system.

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