March 30, 2017 by webadmin

4 Questions To Ask A PCB Assembly Service Provider

Some companies in need of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly services utilize the skills of a specialist company to handle their PCB projects over handling the project in-house.


Here are 5 questions to ask to determine if outsourcing your PCB Assembly Services to a specialist company might be a good idea for your company to consider.


  • Would your project benefit from working with an all-in-one provider?


PCB Assembly Services typically involve far more than just assembly. Most companies that specialize in PCB Assembly Services provide the additional services including design,

testing, quality control, and even packaging of your circuit boards for shipping. Handling all of these services in-house can be an arduous task that makes outsourcing this whole process a convenient and cost effective alternative.


  • Would your project benefit from a savings of a significant upfront investment?


To manufacture the circuit boards needed by your company, in-house, would require a substantial amount of up-front capital, to set up lines and integrate machinery and trained staff into the entire production process. So for many companies, contracting this service to an outside company makes sense.


  • Would your project benefit from a quick turnaround time?


A company that specializes in PCB Assembly Services will typically be able to produce your PCB in a far shorter time than doing it in-house. This saves your company time, money and hassle.


  • Would your project benefit from a higher quality product?


Typically, a specialist company will have quality measures in place that will result in greater assurance that the product you receive is of the highest quality.


For example, ADCO Circuits has in-house staff who are trained to IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 class 3 standards, meaning they adhere to the highest standards for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies and for solder joints and component placement tolerance.  Working in-house with a provider who does not have these quality measures in place could result in a less than an optimal quality product.  The best way to have confidence that the product you receive is of the highest quality is to work with a specialist company that has established quality measures in place.



These are just some of the advantages of utilizing the skills and expertise of a PCB Assembly Service service that specializes in PCB assemblies.   To discover others, contact ADCO Circuits at 248.853.6620