July 13, 2017 by webadmin

Thinner, Faster, More Powerful PCB’s – Is that Possible?

High-performance PCB Assemblies are a necessary component and a driving force behind many of the next –generation products that we see coming into the marketplace today. Consumers and businesses are coming to expect more performance and productivity from the electronics that they use, and as a result, PCB designers are challenged with the task of creating higher-performing PCBs.


And as mobile devices such as wearables, phones and tablets become thinner and thinner, and as these devices demand more power from their PCB Assemblies, the challenge is to make these high-performing PCBs thinner and more compact.


Throw into the mix that PCB designers are now tasked with handling issues related to durability and reliability that often accompany thinner/more compact PCBs – and you can understand the formidable challenges that PCB designers and manufacturers face.


ADCO Circuits – On the Cutting Edge of PCB Design and Manufacturing


ADCO Circuits has been designing and producing high-performing PCBs for years. Yet we do not rest on our laurels – we are actively involved in projects that push the boundaries for PCB performance, size, and productivity. We are constantly striving to get more power out of our PCB designs – as our customers need more, our PCB assembly services stay ahead of the curve with our innovative designs and products.


ADCO Circuits is also a leader in problem-solving – creating solutions that enhance PCB durability and reliability.


Where to Now?


What are the next-gen products and technology that will be driving the market over the next 1-5 years? Like you, we don’t have a crystal ball, but we do closely follow technology news and product innovations. We also are driving some of the product development behind new products, as we research and find ways to make PCB’s smaller, thinner, more productive and more powerful.


We’d love to talk to you about high-performance PCBs and your options when designing your next group of circuit boards. Give us a call, and let’s talk performance!