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ADCO’s History is Rich in Electronic Manufacturing


Since 1981, ADCO Circuits has been involved with some pretty awesome projects that have shaped our history – as well as the history of the electronics manufacturing world.

From circuit board assemblies to prototype electronic assembly projects to providing electronic manufacturing services, ADCO has been involved with some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Here are some projects ADCO has worked on over the past 35 years, along with improvements they’ve made to their processes, capabilities, and facilities:


In the early 1980’s, ADCO manufactured accelerator/ram add boards for the Apple III computer made by Apple Inc. to enhance the speed of the first software spreadsheet program.


  • At around the same time, ADCO produced over 100,000 streaming tape driver controllers for the early Compaq computers


  • Also in the 1980’s, ADCO began working with Ford Motor Company, manufacturing engine control prototypes


  • ADCO involvement with the General Dynamics M1A2 tank program began in the 1990’s, producing turnkey hardware, software and switching matrix based test platforms.


  • In the 2000’s, ADCO gained TS 16949 and ISO 143485 certifications, enhanced its electronic manufacturing services, and purchased EJE Research


  • More recently, ADCO expanded our facility to 53,000 square feet, installed enterprise-wide work instruction system for the production and traceability of box builds, and installed all new Yamaha surface mount lines


ADCO’s commitment has always been three-fold: to produce the highest quality manufactured components; to invest in technology and systems to enhance operations; and to provide exemplary service and products to their clients.

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