November 24, 2017 by webadmin

Quality Assurance in Electronic Circuit Board Assembly Mfg

Electronic circuit board assemblies are precision products, and their performance under actual usage conditions depends on using perfect processes in every step of the manufacturing cycle, from design to production. So how can a buyer of high quality circuit board assemblies be sure that the product being purchased will live up to performance expectations?

Well, for one thing dealing with a company which is consistently reliable in the area of electronic design and manufacturing can be a big help. A company like ADCO Circuits of Rochester Hills, MI, which has established a 35-year history of excellence, can make buying decisions easy – but going a little deeper, how does a company acquire that kind of top-notch reputation?

Quality assurance is everything

The short answer to that question, as you might guess, is Quality. By adhering to stringent standards of quality, both in manufacturing methods and in employee training and proficiency, quality assurance can be built right into the final product, as if it were another of the physical components.

ADCO Circuits for example is certified to ISO 9001 standards, which means it has established a Quality Management System centered around meeting customer expectations. The TS 16949 standard adhered to by ADCO ensures that continual process improvement is part of the workplace environment, and that defect prevention is uppermost in everyone’s mind. The AS 9100 standards complied with by ADCO ensures that all ISO 9001 standards are observed, along with additional standards specific to producing high quality aerospace and defense products.

In the employee proficiency area, the IPC J-STD-001 class 3 and IPC-A-610 class 3 standards ensure that specific methods and skill levels are used in soldering and assembly of electronic circuit boards. By certifying employees in the skills and methods used for assembly of electronic circuit boards, it can be assured that workmanship on circuit board assemblies is always done by personnel who have been trained to the utmost proficiency.

Quality means confidence

When a company has quality in mind during all phases of production, the result of its PCB assembly services will be products that consistently perform to customer requirements, and meet all expectations. When this philosophy becomes the standard at a manufacturing enterprise, quality is then part of the company culture, and clients can have high confidence in the company.