December 7, 2017 by webadmin

Rapid Prototyping for Electronics

Time is everything in business these days, and when you don’t get your products to market before the competition, it’s pretty much a given that you will lose market share, and you may lose more than that. This is as true in the world of rapid prototyping electronics as it is for the next great mobile device – getting there first can literally mean winning the race. ADCO Circuits is well aware of that business truth, and that’s why we provide rapid prototyping of circuit boards to customers.

How rapid prototyping helps

Customers who have new circuit board designs need to have them tested out in a thorough, reliable, and expedient manner, so any modifications or enhancements which are needed can then be designed in. The ADCO team can take your design and assemble the circuit board using customer-supplied components, or those which we purchase. They will then develop a full-blown testing regimen which will identify any problems or deficiencies, as well as strengths, usually within five business days of receipt of your design, so you can be provided with comprehensive results and all relevant data.

When you have a particularly pressing time frame to consider, our turnkey solution for rapid prototyping electronics can be exactly what you need to meet a production deadline. Best of all, customers can be secure in the knowledge that assembly and testing are conducted according to the highest standards, so that prototypes will be compliant with the principles set forth in IPC-610 Class II and Class III requirements.

Using our years of experience in the industry, and based on the results of testing, our New Product Introduction (NPI) team can, at your option, propose changes that will ensure your product launch is as successful and cost-effective as possible. The ADCO mission for rapid prototyping electronics is to assist our clients with getting the best possible product to market as quickly as possible, at a cost which makes sense – and with a little luck, maybe this will help you to GAIN market share.