May 2, 2017 by webadmin

Is your Business in Need of an Electronic Contract Manufacturing Company?

More and more businesses are leveraging the benefits they can gain from working with a great electronic contract manufacturing company. Handing off the demands of a company’s manufacturing responsibilities to a professional firm that specializes in providing electronic manufacturing services can free up company resources to focus on other priorities. These businesses often find that they save gain efficiencies and money by outsourcing their electronic manufacturing to an established provider.


Is your business considering using an outside company for your electronic manufacturing services? Or perhaps your business has used an electronic manufacturing service in the past, but was not entirely satisfied with the way your project was handled?


There are many contract manufacturers out there, so finding one that is right for your business can pose a challenge.


With decades of experience providing electronic contract manufacturing services to the aerospace/military, telecommunications, automotive, industrial/commercial, wireless and medical equipment markets, ADCO Circuits has learned a thing or two about what makes a great contract manufacturer.  Here are some areas that we stress when talking to a business who wants to know what makes a great contract manufacturing service:


  • Personnel – electronic manufacturing places great demands on the staff involved in each project. Here, we look for personnel who have been trained to an industry standard. For example, ADCO’s personnel are trained to IPC J-STD-001 class 3 and IPC-A-610 class 3 qualifications. Having personnel trained to an industry standard speaks to the skills and capabilities of the contract manufacturer.


  • Industry Compliance and Quality Standards – just as having personnel trained to an industry standard is important, so is working with a company that adheres to industry standards. Certifications such as ISO 9001, TS 16949 and AS 9100 reveals the company’s commitment to upholding stringent industry standards.


  • Additional Services – not all contract manufacturing companies provide full support services or post-production support. Working with an electronic contract manufacturing company that provides design services can be an added bonus, especially if your company’s project could profit from outside design expertise. Post-production support should include delivery of the products and troubleshoot any problems that might arise.


  • Equipment and Technology – working with an electronic manufacturing service that has modern, advanced equipment and technology is also important. Any contract manufacturer that wants your business should be able to explain how their equipment, machinery, and technology can help your company’s project.



Before hiring an electronic contract manufacturing company, it is important that you have confidence that the company will deliver a fully- conforming, high-quality product that meets exact design specifications.  Asking the company about any other areas of experience or expertise that can build your confidence in them should be helpful in making a sound decision relative to hiring a contract manufacturer.