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Lighting the Way- Printed Circuit Board Assemblies & LED Lighting

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies are an integral part of LED Lighting systems, with PCB technology leading the way for the integration of PCBs into the world of LED lighting. Using only about 10% of the energy that is used by incandescent lamps and producing a purer grade of light than incandescent lamps, the demand for LED Lighting systems is expected to grow almost twelvefold over the next decade. This will place significant pressure on the PCB industry, to keep up with demand from the LED sector.


How Are PCB Assemblies and LEDs Integrated?


A LED lamp is a light-emitting diode that is assembled into a light bulb and placed into a lighting product. The LED is soldered to the circuit board, with a chip that produces the light when it is electrically connected. The chip is bonded using a thermal heat sink and a ceramic base.


Metal core PCB Assemblies are typically used for LED applications because of their ability to dissipate heat, with aluminum being the favored metal of choice. LED lamps to release high volumes of heat; therefore, aluminum PCB Assemblies are commonly used.


What are Some Examples of LED Lighting Products that Use PCB Technology? 


One recent innovative application of PCB Assemblies in lighting includes the development of a light bulb that will run for up to 4 hours after being disconnected from a power source. These lighting systems are being heralded for their use in emergency situations, including helping first responders find people during an emergency such as an earthquake, hurricane or flood.


In addition to the unparalleled energy efficiency, the ‘purer’ quality of light makes LEDs that use PCBs the choice for many additional applications, including airport runway lighting, tunnel lighting, lights used on shipping vessels, street lighting, vehicle headlights, traffic lights, solar lighting and surgical room lighting.


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