Press Release 2/19/2020

If you are an electronic design engineer two of the biggest challenges in your day to day job are most likely component availability and projected cost for new designs.

In order to solve these issues ADCOproto has developed a free instant costing tool for circuit board assemblies that takes an excel bill of material and outputs a BOM Price with complete unit costs.  Costing is totally transparent and only uses parts that are in stock from multiple distributors.  The tool is simple to work with and you need not register to use it.

The ADCOproto costing tool is unique in the industry.  It will also assist engineers in scrubbing their BOM.  We sympathize with engineers that need to eliminate typos and sourcing errors on their BOM’s.  By only using component specifications that are in stock, at distributors, our tool gives instant documented feedback on changes needed to finalize your bill of material.  The BOM output automatically highlights changes made from the original BOM that was submitted for analysis.
The costing tool can also be used for assembly service pricing and online ordering of completed circuit board assemblies. Guaranteed delivery timetables for complex circuit board assemblies shipped free of charge are integrated into the website!

ADCOproto is a division of ADCO Circuits and is based in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  All surface mount assemblies are produced using state of the art Yamaha equipment on one of 3 lines.  Each assembly goes through automated inspection for solder paste and post reflow processes.  With over 38 years of experience in assembling high complexity devices to IPC Class II or Class III specifications we are a no risk sourcing pick for prototype and medium volume assemblies.  Our quality system is registered to ISO 9001, IATF 16949,and AS9100.  The company is also registered  with the State Department for ITAR compliance.

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