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  1. Upload BOM with part numbers and quantities.
  2. We search all the distributors in real-time.
  3. Get instant availabilitiescosts and delivery time.

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How It Works

1. Upload your BOM

Our platform will automatically recognize parts from your BOM. If you don”t have any BOM ready yet, use our CSV or XLSX template or play with our sample BOM.

example of prototype step 1

2. Find parts online

Check if we recognized the parts correctly and if there are issues, fix them.

example of prototype step 2

3. Specify board details

Either send us boards or just upload gerber files and let us take care of them

example of prototype step 3

4. Get quote and order!

See the instant price for assembly service and get delivered for free within 5-10 days.

example of prototype step 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this turnkey quoting system work?

We have focused on the Bill of Materials as the key element in making a rapid delivery of circuitboard assemblies. Our application makes API calls to six component distributors to locate parts that are available and then selects the lowest price all done in real time. That said, it is looking for literal/exact matches to the BOM specification. The impact of this is a need for clarification regarding “inexact matches”. Our application will prompt you to make the necessary changes to your Bill of Materials to solve any issues. It will make multiple online searches as you develop possible supply alternatives. The end result is a Scrubbed and costed BOM showing any corrections needed to guarantee component availability. Then with a few more inputs we can finalize assembly and board costs towards the delivery of finished assemblies. If you register on our site we will provide you the Scrubbed BOM.

What does the scrubbed and costed Bill of Materials look like?

1 Seq# Mfr. Part# Manufacturer Distributor Part # Description Reference Designators Qty Per Board Unit Price Extended Sale Supply Alternate to above
2 1 67840-8001 Molex 538-67840-8001 Memory Card Connectors 2.50MM SD I/O 09P P/P 1  $8.87  $895.87 ADCO
3 2 ADS7843E/2K5  Texas Instruments 1694334  Resistive Touch Screen 4-Wire 16-Pin SSOP Tape and Reel 1  $1.75 $177.02 ADCO
4 3  F930J107MAA AVX 107M35AH-N-CT  F93 Series 100 uF ±20 % 6.3 V Surface Mount Standard J-Lead Tantalum Capacitor 2  $0.16 $33.13 ADCO
5 4 LM1117MPX-3.3/NOPB Texas Instruments  14527989 LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.8A 4-Pin(3+Tab) SOT-223 T/R 1 $0.70 $70.60 ADCO
6 5 FH12A-40S-0.5SH(55) HIROSE ELECTRIC FH12A-40S-0.5SH-55-CT FH12 Series 40 Position 0.5 mm Pitch SMT Right Angle Flip Lock FFC/FPC 1 $1.56  $157.56 ADCO
7 6  C0805C104M5RACTU  KEMET C0805C104M5RACTU.  Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC – SMD/SMT 50volts 0.1uF X7R 20% 4  $0.02  $9.50 ADCO
8 7  RP73PF2A2K0BTDF  TE Connectivity / Holsworthy 279-RP73PF2A2K0BTDF  Thin Film Resistors – SMD RP 2A 0.25W 2K0 0 .1% 25PPM 1K RL 3 $0.25  $75.75 ADCO
9 8 RMCF0805ZG0R00  SEI Stackpole Electronics 1325009 Res Thick Film 0805 0 Ohm Pad SMD Automotive T/R 2  $0.01  $2.86 ADCO
11 Misc Tape & Reel Total  $21.00
12 Extended Sale Total $1,422.29
13 Total Cost $1,443.29
14  Total Selling Price  $1,948.44

Can the Bill of Materials have alternates?

Yes, our application will accept up to 3 different manufacturer part numbers as well as 3 distributor part numbers. These alternates can be in your excel spreadsheet in either columns or rows. If you don’t have the manufacturer listed, the system will default to using only the distributor which will limit the search.

What is the best way to structure the Bill of Materials?

Bill of Materials (BOM) should use column headers, may not contain extra lines and should include all required columns. Here is an example below:

1 Item Manufacturer PN Manufacturer Quantity per Description
2 1 678408001 Molex 1 TE, 11 pin (9+2), Push-In Push-Out
3 2 ADS7843E/2K5  Texas Instruments 1 Touch Screen Controller, TI, SSOP
4 3  F930J107MAA AVX 2   Tantalum, 100uF, 20%, 6.3V, 2 Ohm, 1206
5 4 LM1117MPX-3.3/NOPB Texas Instruments 1 800mA, Low-Dropout Reg., 4-pin SOT-223
6 5 FH12A-40S-0.5SH(55) HIROSE 1 40pin FPC/FFC, 0.5mm pitch, Flip Lock, Top Connector
7 6  C0805C104M5RACTU  KEMET 4  Cap, 0.1, 20%, 50WVDC, X7R, 0805
8 7  RP73PF2A2K0BTDF  TE Connectivity / Holsworthy 3  Res, 2k, 0.1%, 0.25W, 0805
9 8 RMCF0805ZG0R00  SEI Stackpole Electronics 2 jumper, 0.125W, 0805

If you don”t have any BOM ready yet, use our CSV or XLSX template or play with our sample BOM.

Is there a minimum order size?

Yes, the component portion of the quotation must equal at least $500.

How quickly can you deliver my prototypes?

ADCOproto will make shipments within a 5,10, or 15 day window from receipt of parts. The components are all stock which generally means an additional 5 days. You specify the delivery timetable when entering the assembly details of the order. You will be advised of specific order progress with emails as different milestones are achieved. All shipments go free of charge 2nd day air and you will get a tracking number when shipped.

Is there a guarantee on the delivery timeframe?

Yes! ADCOproto guarantees 100% on time shipment for the labor portion of the job. If the quantity late is >50% and days late is ≥1 then 50% of labor cost. For the remaining quantity if days late is ≥2 then another 50%. This way a split shipment will get your product engineering underway.

What specific assembly services are available from ADCOproto?

We have three modern high speed surface mount assembly lines and can manufacture either leaded or unleaded assemblies. Our equipment will place o2o1’s and micro BGA’s and is augmented by extensive selective solder capabilities for thru hole devices.

How can I be certain of getting a product that meets my quality requirements?

We are ISO 9001, AS9100, and IATF 16949 registered. Our workforce is trained for Class II and Class III standards by an IPC certified trainer to J-STD-001 and IPC 610. All surface mount boards go through a solder paste inspection machine and a 3D automated optical inspection machine for solder joints and part orientation. With over 38 years in the electronic manufacturing service business we guarantee our workmanship to your specification.

What about special instructions for the build?

Please contact customer service if you did not fill in anything regarding special instructions when placing your order.

Do you accept consignment orders?

Since our focus is on turnkey prototype assembly we do not accept 100% of all parts on consignment. All orders must meet a minimum component material value of $700.00. The application quoting tool allows for customer provided material including the bare printed circuit board. For parts that you will provide, the method of supply column on the application screen is changed in the dropdown box to “Customer”. Then once you place an order we will send an email with the method and address for shipping consigned parts or bare boards.

Will you ship me the stencils used on my project?

Yes, please make a request to customer service and we will ship them after processing a $50 pack and ship fee. If no request is received then we will recycle the stencil(s) after 6 months.

What files do I need to provide for the processing of my order?

Please provide Assembly drawing and PWB fabrication drawings if available. To facilitate our equipment programming we need complete CAD files in ODB++ or there is an extra charge of $200 per order. Then if ADCOproto is ordering the boards we need the PWB artwork in Gerber Photoplot files RS-74x. Lastly, if you are providing the PWB’s we need the working gerbers from the boardhouse. These will include all resolved engineering issues as well as the finalized panelization/array for ordering the stencils.

Does ADCOproto provide volume production services?

Yes, we can provide low to medium production of any circuit board assembly including final packaging and test. Please email