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Rapid Prototyping Circuit Board Assemblies

rapid prototyping of circuit assemblies & product design

To service customers with new circuit board designs ADCO offers two avenues for successful on time deliveries. We know how important it is to achieve project milestone dates especially at the end of what may be a long design cycle. No matter which method you choose, your assemblies are guaranteed to be on time or we will give you a refund on the assembly portion of the build.

NPI Rapid Prototyping (fast)

With this approach we engage our Advanced Planning and Quality Production (APQP) team to insure that the documentation and manufacturing methods are reviewed with ADCO’s proven methodology before production. Once manufacturing starts, our new product introduction (NPI) team takes over. Each operation is monitored and documented for lessons learned in the initial build. ADCO then shares any needed design modifications with your designers to lower future cost or make improvements for reliability and quality purposes.

Our deliveries for NPI Prototyping are within 10 business days of material availability. Assemblies will be manufactured using high speed automated lines so you can be secure in the knowledge that your prototypes will meet IPC-610 Class II or Class III requirements. Prototypes can be assembled using customer supplied parts and boards or we can quote the materials for a total turnkey solution.

Learn more about our design and new product introduction.

Online Quickturn Prototyping (fastest)

To facilitate the fastest deliveries possible we developed an online app that engineers can use to find available bill of material parts online. This approach eliminates the time period for a quotation. It also provides the engineer with search tools to change a bill of material on the fly in order to secure component availability. Once the component supply is determined for the entire build, and an order placed, our computer system automatically gets the components on order for immediate delivery.

Our deliveries for ADCOproto online quickturn prototyping are selectable for 5, 10, or 15 days from material availability. Some parts including bare boards can be provided on consignment and the minimum component order is $700. All assemblies will be manufactured using our high speed automated lines.

Please visit the ADCOproto app at https://www.adcoproto.com

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