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Supply Chain & Order Fulfillment

Circuit board assembly supply chain

Robust Systems that Provide Lowest Cost and On Time Delivery

Key elements of our procurement strategy are designed to provide the lowest possible costed bills of material. Starting at the quotation stage our purchasing team uses a web enabled software tool to quote all franchised component vendors at the push of a button. For custom components such as circuitboards and transformers we identify the most cost competitive source from a list of qualified vendors that can provide the volume profile and fabrication technology needed to meet specification.

Once a contract is awarded, a structured plan for procurement is established and buyers are assigned to individual customers who monitor supplier performance for on time delivery and quality. The customer dedicated buyer has ERP software tools that supports identification and resolution of spot material shortages. For ongoing purchase order maintenance, our EPICOR Vantage ERP system helps leverage buyer resources by providing suppliers with an online forecast and replenishment pull signals.

Flexible Inventory and Shipping Arrangements

For many ADCO customers, we are their virtual warehouse. This happens either through kan-ban replenishment systems or order fulfillment services. Upon customer direction we can also ship to the end customer using specific packaging materials and designs. When we make the shipment, key data such as serial numbers, MAC Address, and IMEI numbers are included on pack lists and automated emails.

Order fulfillment services include:

  • Warehousing finished goods
  • Final product configuration before shipment
  • Aligning information technology (IT) systems for seamless shipping instructions and communication
  • Use of customer specified packaging materials
  • Shipments worldwide
  • Same day shipping
  • Warranty and depot repair services
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