ADCO leading the way with the latest tech to handle ever increasing complex designs at a higher rate

ADCO replaces pick and place machines

Out with the old, in with the new. We installed three new YAMAHA Modular YSM20R machines in our three precision SMT lines last week to replace our YS88s.

Our complex assembly capabilities are powered by ongoing capital and investment, and we’re constantly leading the way with the latest technology to assemble custom circuit boards that support our customers’ every need.

The YSM20R is a High-Efficiency Mounter, a highly efficient and flexible pick and place machine that runs at amazing speed, high accuracy and impeccable performance. Rather than using lead screw technique to insert components, the machine uses a linear motor to accurately place components.

It has the fastest mounting speed in its class with superb mounting performance and can handle ultra-tiny chips to ultra-large components. It allows for flexibility to accommodate wide variations of component types and quantity.

For our customers – it means more production capacity, increased capabilities, and an even higher level of quality. This grows our equipment partnership with Yamaha and helps us fulfill the growing demands of our valued customers.